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AdaptiApps is a cloud-based solution to design and deploy customizable apps for end users. This 10-minute tutorial video describes the simple step-by-step design and deployment process. With AdaptiApps, users have a simple, personalized app designed specifically for their individual roles, giving them access

System Integrator benefits

Differentiate your system integration business and build customer loyalty! AdaptiApps from Schneider Electric is a custom end user app development kit that allows your customers to expand building connectivity and control to any occupant, not only building management system professionals. AdaptiApps puts seamless, aggregated data from multiple systems and services in the hands of building

End User benefits

As the manager of a hotel, apartment complex or healthcare facility, you want to ensure the best experience for your customers. In this video, discover AdaptiApps from Schneider Electric and your building system integration partner. AdaptiApps puts access to a nearly limitless number personalized services desired by your customers into a single, secure aesthetic app accessible via their smartphones

This portal refers to AdaptiApps V1.4

If you want to access AdaptiApps V1.3, please contact the support.